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20 Cheapest Countries to live in the world

The global cost of living index was submitted in 2015 which reveals the cheapest countries in the world to live. The data research was based on some major factors just like the cost of rent, local purchasing power, groceries, and the cost of eating in a restaurant. This research has compared Consumer Price Index of each country with the city …

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20 Most Dangerous Countries of the World

Few countries have the lower living standards and people living they’re not completely safe. You can say that they are living completely under terror. These nations are insecure due to politics and other violent activities. These countries are not purely safe for visitors of other countries. So have a look at the chart which provide the list of 20 most …

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List of 10 Countries With Water Shortage in 2015

Ever since life on earth has been came into being, we have been facing a number of problems like, war, terrorism, dictatorship, monopolist, protectionism, water shortage, famine, etc.  Among these, water shortage is the burning question of the day as many countries are facing this issue and in future many countries will be the victim of this issue too. According …

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List of 10 Most Popular Cricket Teams

It is a fact that, health is wealth and it can be maintain by sports and games. Because they keep us strong and healthy, mentally and physically. They are useful tools to fight against many diseases such as sleeplessness, mental stress, heart problems, obesity, etc. There benefits are not restricted to children or adults.  They are equally important for every …

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