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Top 11 Powerful Militaries in the World

The purpose of this article is not to show which military is in power and which is not. This article is based on the manpower, resources, land systems, logistical, financial, air power, naval power, powers by region and some other factors. The list is based on the above mentioned factors only. Nuclear capabilities of these militaries is not taken into …

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Top 10 Educated Countries 2015 – List

It is not a surprise that most countries around the world struggle to give and encourage education among its citizens. The more educated people gives the higher the possibility of professionals, skilled workers, intellectuals and innovators. An educated population can also lead to better understanding and implementation of laws and regulations, better elections and more respected culture and society. Here …

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List of 10 Countries with Most Natural Resources

Natural resources are those resources, which are gifted by God to humans without any efforts. God has bestowed upon man lot of resources in shape of gas, oil and metal. if we looked around the world, we will come to know that most of these resources are held by poor or developing countries. But due to lack of technologies, they …

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