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10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World

Clothing is among the successful businesses of the 21st century. In 2015, it was evaluated by the consultancy firm Brain & Company that the worth of clothing industry at that moment is $280 billion and is projected to grow even more in upcoming years. What you think are the main factors for a brand to be expensive as compared to …

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Expensive Cities in the World – Top List 2015

This planet is extremely vast, and on this planet are located hundreds of countries which are home to millions of people living in thousands of cities. Humans live all over this world in every single city on the face of the planet. It is much more affordable for people to live in some cities than it is for them to …

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List of 10 Most Expensive Weddings in History

Wedding is the happiest day for the bridal and groom. Every couple wants to make wedding day a remarkable day of their life. In Europe, people spends a lot on wedding ceremony and gifts. However, in Asian and Arabian countries same trend has been adopted by the people for a long time. Jewelry, flowers, gifts, fireworks, parties are the main …

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List of 10 Most Expensive Military Aircrafts in the World

Today most of the countries are atomic powers and rest of the countries are also trying to take part in this race. Besides being an atomic or nuclear power, it  is the priority of every country to make its defense position more stronger than any other country. For this purpose it allots a huge budget for defense purposes. Some buys …

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List of 10 Most Expensive Airlines in the World

Now, it become easier to travel from one side of the world to another within few hours through airplanes.  If talk about fares they are not convenient like your journey. Some airlines are providing too much expensive tickets that it will shattered your budget. Following is the list of 10 most expensive airlines in the world.

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