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List of 10 Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2015

Child labor means kids who are under age 15 go to work and earn money except to go to school. This is our misfortune that this era is an era of child labor. Children don’t enjoy their childhood and start to work hard from specific age. There are so many NGO’s are running different campaigns, but child labor has become …

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List of 10 Countries with Highest Rate of Food Wastage

Food is a source of energy. It is what keeps us going . Food wastage is shamefully high even in some very developed countries worldwide. 1000 of kg of food is wasted averagely in these countries. Before wasting food, why don’t we think that are so many poor people sleeping empty stomach while we are wasting so much food in …

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List of 10 Countries With Water Shortage in 2015

Ever since life on earth has been came into being, we have been facing a number of problems like, war, terrorism, dictatorship, monopolist, protectionism, water shortage, famine, etc.  Among these, water shortage is the burning question of the day as many countries are facing this issue and in future many countries will be the victim of this issue too. According …

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List of 10 Countries with Most Natural Resources

Natural resources are those resources, which are gifted by God to humans without any efforts. God has bestowed upon man lot of resources in shape of gas, oil and metal. if we looked around the world, we will come to know that most of these resources are held by poor or developing countries. But due to lack of technologies, they …

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