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14 Most Beautiful Horses in the World

Called it a horse or stallion, the fact is that it is the most faithful friend of the man. Shiny skin, sometimes golden coat, catching looks, best standing position, and some other unusual features make a stallion the beautiful stallion. There are Arabian, Italian, German, and European horse breeds that are popular for their elegant styles, best coat coloring, physical …

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List of 10 Destinations For Destination Wedding

Rolling hills, sun kissed beaches, greenery all over, rainfall, vibrant wildlife, exotic marine life, warm people, vibrant culture and many more features of various locations makes you want to do your wedding over there. But you can not do a wedding at all these locations on one time. So here is a list of locations which are best for destination wedding.

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List of 10 Beautiful Nude Resorts in the World

Today many people of the American and European countries like to live in natural style during their social activities. There are lot of places parks, clubs, regional organizations and resorts where social nudity is practiced. Following is the list of 10 beautiful nude resorts in the world.

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List of 10 Most Beautiful Bicycles

In western countries there is still custom and institution of using bicycles as a promenade instead of motor cars. Even some Ministers of the states are also found of riding on bicycles. Like buildings, cars, clothes and personality, bicycles are the sign of hallmark in these countries. Following is the list of 10 most beautiful bicycles of the world.

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List of 10 Most Beautiful Cities of the World

There are more than 4000 cities in the world which have population more than 150,000. Cities are recognized all over the world according to the interest of tourists and geologists, many of the cities are well known by the people due to its educational standards, historical events, high quality of life etc. In this list we would tell you about …

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