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10 Cleanest Cities in the World

There are many countries in the world where no one wants to settle his life and there are dozens of others that are assumed as ideal for living. The predecessor one are those that are considered as the polluted one and nobody want to go for there. The successors are those where the environment is clean, availability of pure water …

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Advanced Countries in the World – Top List

The ten most technologically advanced countries in the world have integrated their scientific advancements into their society, making life easier for all of their citizens and increasing all of their productivity. Whether this means trains will be faster and safer, that weather can be predicted more precisely, or that hospitals are better equipped, technology improves the overall quality of life. …

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List of 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

Haunted place is that place about which people often believes that spirit and ghost of previous property owner lives in it. Many of us have heard that a home, building are place in our city is a haunting place and we afraid of to go there even in day time. Many horror movies are shoot on these places. Here is …

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List of 10 Most Popular Cricket Teams

It is a fact that, health is wealth and it can be maintain by sports and games. Because they keep us strong and healthy, mentally and physically. They are useful tools to fight against many diseases such as sleeplessness, mental stress, heart problems, obesity, etc. There benefits are not restricted to children or adults.  They are equally important for every …

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List of 10 Most Beautiful Flags in the World

National flag is not just an identity of a country. In fact, it is means of honor and esteem for a country and provides its historical value also. There is always a special cause behind the design and color of a flag as it represents a special cause. This article will provides you the list of 10 most beautiful flags …

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