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List of Continents on Earth

Continent is a specific area base on land and water with some countries. There are seven continents in our world. All the countries are divided according to their continent. These seven continents are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. Following list shows the brief detail about all continents.


It is time for last continent on earth which is Australia. According to area it is the seventh and last Continent on earth having total area 9,008,500 km2, which is 5.9% of total landmass. If talk about population it is at number six having total population 30 million which is 0.4% of total population. It has four countries in which Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and some portions of Indonesia belongs to this Continent. Sydney, Australia is the most populous city.

Note: This list is based on the study of Continents by Wikipedia.


According to area, Europe is the sixth Continent on earth having total area 10,180,000 km2, which is 6.8% of total land mass. In population it is at number three having total population 739 million, which is 11% of total population. Europe is the largest economic continent on earth. Sweden, Germany and France are the most developed, economical and prosperous countries. Europe is very popular for tourism. 45% richest people belongs to Europe. 50 permanent and 6 partially recognized countries are from Europe. Its famous countries are Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland and United Kingdom.


According to area, Antarctica is the fifth largest Continent on earth having 13,720,000 km2area, which is 9.2% of total land mass. 98% area is covered by ice. If talk about population it has no permanent residents. Around 4500 people are temporary resident, who are present there for scientific and research work. Currently 30 countries have 70 research stations in Antarctica. There are no countries on this Continent. However, some countries claimed on its some territories. This is none except an ice desert.

South America

South America is the fourth Continent on Earth located between Pacific and Atlantic. It total area is 17,840,000 km2, which is 12% of total landmass. Total population is 393 millions, which is 6% of total population. Aconcagua is the highest and Laguna del Carbon is the lowest point of the Continent. Most of the people of South America were migrated from North America. Most common languages are Spanish and Portuguese. The difference between have and have not is very high. Most of the countries are under developed countries. There are 12 countries in this Continent in which Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia are popular.

North America

North America is the third largest continent on earth. Its area is 24,490,000 km2, which is the 16.5% of total landmass. Total population is 542 million, which is 8% of total population and fourth largest population in the world. Most common languages are English, Spanish and French. 23 countries belongs from this continent. Canada, Mexico, United States, Cuba, Haiti, Panama and Anguilla are famous countries. Mexico City, Mexico is the most populous city. USA and Canada are most economical countries. North America is famous for tourism and historical places. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the main religions.


Africa is the second largest Continent on earth, which comprises the 20.4% land area of total earth. Its population is 1.03 billion, which is the 15% of the total population of world. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest and Lake Assail is the lowest point of the continent. It is said that the first human was born on this continent. In all continents, Africa has the more younger population. Almost 50% population age is 19 years or below. It has 56 countries among which 2 are disputed. Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan Somalia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria are popular countries. Lagos, Nigeria is the most populous city of the continent. Christianity and Islam are the main religion. However, very small population belongs to Hindu, Baha’i and Buddhist.


Asia is the largest continent of earth. Its total area is 43,820,000 km2 which is the 29.5% of the earth. Total population is 4.428 billion, which is 60% of the total population of the world. After Europe, Asia has the second largest economy in the continents. Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism are the main religions. 54 countries of the world are from Asia in which 5 are disputed. China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Iran, Qatar and Bhutan are famous countries. Shanghai, China is the most populous city. Recently China has announced to initiate Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank for Asian countries and that time it has 21 founding members.

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