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List of 10 Ways How to Breakup with Someone

Well, breakups could never be ‘amazing’ or ‘best’. But as the humanity still prevails, breaking up with someone as considered as one of the hardest things and that is why people prefer doing it with decency and style. Well, some of the ways of breakup are listed below.

Avoid Publicity

Avoid telling other people about it until its done because trust be, you do not want your girl or guy to get to know about this from some other source, that you’re planning to do so. That would create a very bad image of yours. So, keep it to youself until its out there.

Own Your Decision

If you have decided that this is what you really want and that it will be good for your future then make a decision finally and own it. Don’t get carried away and do not get melt by the attraction of the other person or by considering all the good times you have spent together.

Do Not React

Nobody can handle rejection and maybe that person will react, especially girls. Listen to what they have to say but do not wait for their aggressive reaction like screaming or yelling. Get out of there if they start doing so. In their mind, now you are already a dumper so it really doesn’t matter much.

Keeping Emotions In Check

Even if this is actually what you wanted for very long, still while breaking up, keep your emotions in check. Do not be too happy about that whole breakup thing. Show your care, concern and decency. You do not want to sound meany.

Be Open About Everything

Do tell the other person about the actual cause. If you have started to find the other person less attractive, if you do not love him or her anymore, if you have found anyone else you think is better, if you’re bored of your relation. Be it any reason, but just be open about it.

No Insensitivity

You should be emotionally vulnerable towards the person while breaking up. Lack of insensitivity will make the other person feel as if he or she has just wasted time. No one likes to get dumped of course, but truth is always appreciated. So, tell the other person everything with honesty.

Do Not Lie

When you want to want to breakup, do not lie to that person about the cause of breaking up. Be very honest and tell him or her about what you feel and why do you think that this is not going to work out in future.

Relationship Ending Conversation

In my opinion, if you have been out with your guy on a couple of dates then it will be harsh enough to breakup over the phone. It is better to do this in person. A good relationship conversation is best for both the persons. Its good and healthy for you,  if you finish it on a good note.

A Suitable Place

Along with correct time and place, a correct place is also required. You do not want your ex to shout at you in public or feel any less vulnerable. So, always select a secluded place so break this news to him.

Choosing The Correct Time

Do you really want your ex to remember you in bad words on his special days or especially his birthday? No, right? So, make sure that you do not breakup with him on such days. You do not want to be that insensitive, trust me. So always choose a suitable time and date.

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