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List of 10 Popular Pizza Companies in the World

Pizza! Mouth-watery, no? I doubt if there will be a single pizza heater in this world. I mean, who hates pizza? Everyone just loves it! Different types of pizzas are made all across the globe. Following is the list of top ten popular pizza companies in the world.

Cici’s – Coppell

Their headquarter is located in Texas. This franchise is also growing rapidly and their pizza tastes really good. They serve great flavors at cheap rates.

California Pizza Kitchen

Their headquarter is situated in Los Angeles. They serve great and variety of flavors on their menu card. This is a fast growing chain of Pizza. Good quality is their assurance!

Streetza Pizza

Their headquarter is in Wisconsin. They have great menu to offer and they are also included in the list of most popular pizzas around the world. Hot and amazing pizza is what they serve!

Papa Muphy’s

They have their headquarters in Washington. Papa Murphy serves great taste when it comes to their pizza. They offer take-away and delivery. Like every pizza, their pizza tastes best when hot!

Hungry Howie’s

Although it has fewer outlets as compared to other pizza companies but it has been growing at a rapid rate. They also focus more on take-away and delivery rather than dining-in.

Little Caesars

This great chain was founded in Michigan and today it comes in the ‘big four’ pizza companies of America. It is not a dine-in place and it serves take-away and delivery facility. Their hot and delicious pizzas are cheaper than delivery.

Pizza Ranch

The owner of this great chain started to sell pizza from his home at first. He used recipes, developed by his mom. Now this chain has gone way far than that. Their restaurants can seat more than 200 people now and they have a great menu.

Papa John’s Pizza

This chain was founded by ‘Papa’ John Schnatter. Their tag line says, better ingredients, better pizza. Well, they do justice to what they say there. Today, this is the third largest take-away and delivery restaurant in America.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is the second largest pizza chain of America after Pizza hut. It was started in Michigan and then this company flourished rapidly. Now it is one of the biggest food chains in the world. Their famous 30 minutes-delivery guarantee is very catchy for many people having severe hunger pangs!

Pizza Hut

Ah! My favorite and almost everyone’s favorite across the globe. This American fast food chain is the largest take-away and delivery chain in the whole world. It was started in Kansas and today it has many formats to offer like dine-n, take-away or delivery. It serves amazing appetizers and desserts as well.

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