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List of 10 Most Infamous Women of Pleasure

In the past, there have been some women who were not able to gain much prosperity or fame. In this article, the list of 10 most infamous women of pleasure has been given. They were a source of pleasure for other men but they did not gain much prosperity.

Sally Salisbury

Sally was a very beautiful celebrity. She ran away from her house and started to work as a prostitute at very young age. She had also been jailed quite a couple of times due to her short temper. She lived a very terrible life, she even murdered a guy, was imprisoned for quite a long time and then eventually died in the prison.

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Laura Bell

She was a prostitute but then she became a preacher. She was beautiful and worked as a high class prostitute. After she became a preacher, many people used to come just to hear her speech from places very far away.

Ching Shih

She was a Brothel slave but then she married Zheng Yi, who was captivated by prostitute’s beauty. They were both very powerful and were in guard of Red Flag Fleet, which was a pirate fleet in China.


She began to work as a low class prostitute in her childhood. Theodora even became the Empress of Rome later on and thus she became a very powerful woman. She used to impose death penalty for all the sexual harassment acts and other crimes as well. She died at the age of 49, due to some chronic disease.

Sada Abe

Sada Abe was a Geisha, but a low class one. She was sexually harassed when she was only 15. She wasn’t able to become a high class Geisha and thus she went on doing cheap favors for men. She started practicing prostitution at a very small age. She even practiced Necrophilia before she was arrested for murdering her own lover brutally.

Barbara Payton

This beautiful blonde lady began her carrier as a model initially but then she even entered Hollywood. Her reputation was not so good because of her reported affairs with so many married men. She was arrested at last, for her thefts, drug dealing and even prostitution. She died due to heart and liver failure.

Yu Xuanji

She adopted prostitution from a very early age as she was born in that very environment. She was a poetess, by hobby. She also published a book on poetry but that too, didn’t gain that much fame. She was only 28 years old when she died.

Saint Mary

She was born in Egypt. She started working as a prostitute at a very young age of 12 years. After some years she embraced Christianity and became a great follower of the Jesus.

Mata Hari

Mata Hari was just 18 years old, beautiful girl. She married a guy who was way too older than her but unfortunately the marriage didn’t go well and it ended up in a disaster. After getting divorced she was deprived off every single penny and she had to adopt prostitution in order to make money. She went to Paris after that and became an exotic dancer. Men used to come from all over Paris to see her dancing.

La Cicciolina

She was a politician and an Italian porn star. Italian politicians are still well known for their sex scandals. She began acting in the 70s but she didn’t go as intense as other porn stars of her era did and that’s why she did not emerge as famous as they did. She was elected as a parliament member, too. She also offered to have intimate terms with Saddam Hussein in exchange for release of hostages. After getting denied by Saddam Hussein, she even offered Osama Bin Laden but he too, denied her proposal.

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