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List of 10 Hottest Hollywood Movie Scenes of all the Times

Sex and romance are the important part of the Hollywood movies. If not more, a single kissing scene will be there in the movie. Romance is in the nature of humankind. If you are looking for passionate and erotic love making scenes without actually seeing porn or hardcore movies then below is the list of 10 bold and hottest Hollywood movie scenes of all the time.

Titanic (Car Scene)

Another hot and bold scene from the movie Titanic (1997). Lovers are hiding from their opponent and reached into an old vintage car in the ship. Leonardo started to symbolically driving the car and Kate sitting behind enjoying the driving. Kate came from behind the Leonardo and started kissing and later on Leonardo also became wild. That is also the best romantic scene of the movie.

Lady and Tramp (Kiss Scene)
Lady and Tramp (Kiss Scene)

Unique and amazing scene form a classical animated movie, Lady and Tramp (1955). This movie is the tale of a Cocker Spaniel dog and a streetwise downtown Mutt. The kissing scene of two dogs was very fabulous. It is amazing to see the romance of animals and kissing passionately and erotically.

Twilight (Kissing Scene)

Best movie ever performed by teenager actors of the Hollywood. Kissing scene of Twilight (2008) is worth to watch. Look in the eyes of your lover and slowly come near to her pretty lips and gently kiss her. That kissing scene was performed by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The forbidden love of both ends on a kiss full of love.

Sahara Heat (Athena Massey)

The story of a photographer and her lover go to Morocco for photo shots. Whole movie is based on erotic adventures and full with nude and hot scenes. Lot of bold and nude scenes were performed by Fiona and Enzo De Caro.

Two Moon Junction (Cafe Scene)

What can be said about scene when poster is too hot. Horny Sherilyn Fenn make hot kissing scene with Richard Tyson in a cafeteria. This time heroine get wild in our list and publicly performed sexy, bold and hot scene. Although whole movie is based on erotic scene but that scene is very romantic and filled with love.

Unfaithful (Bed Room)

The most bold and nude scene of the movie and the list of 10 hottest Hollywood movie scenes of all the time. Forced sex scene by Richard Gere compelling Diane Lane to make sex. Removes her clothes too and forced her for love making but first Richard shows hesitation and after that get ready for that.

Fifty Shades of Grey (Grey Ties Scene)
Fifty Shades of Grey (Grey Ties Scene)

This movie has not yet released and it will hit the theaters on Feb 13, 2015. Trailer released in previous year in the month of July unveiled the 10 hottest and sexiest scenes of the movie but one scene was most bold and nude. That was the moment when Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) bind the hands of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) for making sex.

Spider Man (Upside Down Kiss Scene)

An amazing and out class erotic scene from the movie Spider Man (2012). Kissing in bed, in public and in standing position would have been seen by you many times in many movies. But this unique hot scene you will only experience in Spider Man (2012). Hero (Andrew Garfield) is coming downward with face downward and kisses the Emma Stone standing on the ground.

The Notebook (Rain Scene)
The Notebook (Rain Scene)

Forget about candle light dinner or spending a night in a disco or pub. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams has completely knocked off the love making scene. Imagine you and your lover are in the rain and your romance senses are appealing for romance. Ryan Gosling lifting up the Rachel in his hand and kisses her passionately.

Titanic (Drawing Scene)

One of the hottest and bold scene performed by Kate Winslet. A nude drawing scene with just one necklace around the Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio is drawing the naked image of Kate that is sitting on a couch in a sexy pose. That was the most erotic scene of the movie. This scene will totally shattered your romantic nature.

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