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List of 10 Deep Fried Foods in the World

Fried food is eaten by a lot of people across the world. It is easy to coo and delicious in taste. Obesity is one of the most dreadful outcomes of eating fried food. Following is the list of many such delicious fried foods in the world.

French Fries

I think everyone in the world would be familiar with this dish. People just love them! Especially children. They are thin sticks of potato, coated with cornstarch usually and then deep fried. ketchup being their partner for life!

Onion Rings

Onion rings are a very innovative dish of Americans. Onions are cut into slices, very think slices. They are coated with bread crumb and deep fried. They could be served with different sauces.

Mozzarella Sticks

These are mozzarella sticks covered in bread crumb. They are deep fried after that. they are mainly used as appetizers in different parts of the world and are served with tomato sauce.

Chicken Nuggets

Everything made of chicken is loved by almost everyone! So yeah, chicken nuggets are one of he wonders made up chicken. Chicken is grinned and a bit of salt and pepper is added for taste. People also add various other flavors t it. It is dipped in beaten egg and crumbed before deep frying.

Potato Chips

These are very thin slices of potato, very thin. They are deep fried and eaten by almost everyone. Especially those who love having junk food. They are tasted best when salted and crunchy.

Fried Shrimps

Fried shrimps are loved by almost every sea-food lover. They could be taken with different sauces, especially mayo-garlic sauce. They taste best when served hot!

Egg Rolls

Egg rolls or spring rolls are eaten almost everywhere in world. People do different filling of various ingredients in their rolls and then deep fry it. They are served with either ketchup or any other sauce for best taste.

Buffalo Wings

They are delicious, deep fried wings which are also covered with honey sauce, after they’re cooked and are ready to be eaten! They are also served with vegetables or mashed potatoes. People have them as their appetizers as well. They are one of the traditional dishes of America.


They are bakes usually but some people even deep fry them. It is used as dessert primary and you can add sprinkles on it too. Dough could be made flavored too, by adding different flavors. Later on, you can dip them in a chocolate sauce or any other sauce.

Popcorn Chicken

It was originally the product of KFC but now it is being made in almost every house because it is easy to make and is delicious. You just have to marinate chicken and cover it with some nice crumb. Deep fry it for the best taste! It could be serve with ketchup or mayo-garlic sauce.

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