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Great people, their great work, legendary movement; great movements in the world, grand achievements in the field of politics, etc. all such details in their finest form will be found under this covering.

20 Countries with Highest Murder Rate in the World

The modern world is everything but not a safe place. It is sad but true due to many different statistics evaluating the safety in various parts of the world published every year. Different countries are fighting with each other by using powerful weapons for destruction. Powerful nations of the world are also part of wars. Millions of migrants are leaving …

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10 Funny News Headlines

Sometimes by the print mistakes or by the mischief of editorial staff, some mistakes are visible in the news of nay newspaper. These news appear to be funny and it arises the laughter in men. This is a source of refreshment in the news full of sad news. But the newspaper should be careful before finally printing the newspaper as …

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13 Powerful Politicians in the World

Politics that was first regarded as the way of bringing improvements in the people’s live. However, now this area is highly associated with the power games as well. There are still many politicians that have still of the belief of serving for their people. But there are also many who believe on increasing their power. They keep themselves busy in …

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Top 17 Fox News Female Anchors

Fox News is an American-based satellite news TV channel. Fox News is among those channels that are widely regarded as having the largest pool of anchors and correspondent reporters. At present, almost 170 anchors and correspondent reporters are working for the Fox News that are labeled as ‘On Air Personalities’ by the Fox News. The number of male anchors is …

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Top 17 CNN Women News Anchors

CNN, stands for Cable News Network, is an American-based satellite TV channel that was founded in 1980. It was the first TV channel in 1980 to provide news transmission for 24 hours. It is also the first ever news channel in the United States as well. The news anchors of CNN are widely regarded as the highest-paid anchors in the …

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Most Googled Things of 2015 – Top 10

From celebrities to football clubs. From religions to religious personalities. From viruses to bacterias. From deadly diseases to remedies. People use google in every aspect of their lives. Google has made the job easy. Different lists of things has been published, from all over the countries about all that stuff which has been googled this year. Different things an different …

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List of 10 Best Britney Spears Perfumes

Britney Spears is an American artist and entertainer who has introduced number of products like clothes, ornaments, video albums, video games, fragrances and books for women. Here the discussion is about her perfumes and fragrances. Britney Spears started the business of perfumes in 2004 when her first fragrance, Curious came into market and after that ever year it started to …

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List of 10 Most Special Operation Forces

Every country divides its military in to different units according to their functions. Some are assigned with the task to rescue the boarder, some duties is to provide intelligence services and some are assigned with the duties to keep an eye on the internal safety matters of the country. After World War II, a new idea emerged, establishment of special …

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List of 10 Most Popular Politicians

Democracy is said to be the best principle for prosperity of nations, politicians are those people which are elected by the people, to represent them. Politicians are well aware with the problems faced by the common people. They are not just the leaders, they are the voice of a common man. To be a politician doesn’t seems very difficult but …

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