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10 Religions You Didn’t Know Existed

Religion is a complete code of life. Since the birth of man, religion has came into existence. There are many religions in various parts of the world. Some religions are known and some are unknown, people follow different religions and worship different Gods. Some people are communist or atheist and thus, they follow no specific religion. Here is a list of those religions which are still unknown most probably.

York, founded this religion. They adopted many teachings from Christianity and Islam. A black Muslim group in New York actually originated this religion, it has adopted many changes since that time. It’s a myth in this religion that white people were created to be slaves of black people. This religion is still followed in various parts of World.
The Temple Of Psychick Youth
No, I haven’t forgot to use spell check up there but that’s exactly how they spell their religion. Interesting, no? The temple of Psychick was founded in 1981. They actually worship magic, magical concepts and Gods affiliated to magic. They deal with magic and their focus is even on various aspects of human brain along with guiltless sexuality. Apart from magic, TOPY’s research has covered art, music and various aspects of media.
The Church Of All Worlds
This religion was founded by a group of friends and some people who were inspired by the novel, ‘Stranger in a strange land’. Many of their beliefs are of Greece community. And many of their celebrations are even adopted from ancient Greece’s Gods and Goddesses.
It is one of the ancient religions, which came into existence with a movement. It preaches that humans are not created by God or any supreme power, they actually came into being because of genetic engineering. This religion is a very Science oriented religion. It further states that, in near future, aliens will take over the world and humans will be replaced by aliens. Their main motive was to inform other people that in future, aliens will take over the planet.
They have adopted several teachings from Christianity. They have their own notations about God. They think that God exists, physically. Moreover, they have a firm belief on the fact that even humans can become God later on, if it’s written in their fate or if they’re destined to be. People who practices social ills are declared bad by their churches.
They followers of Paganism are the great followers of Mother Earth, in a strict sense. They worship all the perfections of nature around them and they want to make this place an even better place. They worship Mother Earth in every possible manner and they promote such exercises which are beneficial to it. They do not believe in black magic, nor do they practice it. They have a strong sense of nature within them and they believe that nature is a remedy to all their problems.
Yes exactly! It’s exactly what you’re thinking about. The name indicates what it actually is about. But the twist is, they’re self loving and self obsessed people who do not necessarily follow or worship Satan. Some of them even worship their own-selves. Moreover, they claim that there is a God within them and that’s why they do not follow a particular God. They are also known as Satan spiritualists. It’s a secret religion though. People don’t usually practice it in public.
It is actually a Korean origin religion which has adopted teachings from Christianity. It’s a very popular religion followed in North Korea now. The followers of this religion believe that God exists in all of them and that they should endeavor to make this Earth a better place to live in.
Shocking, no? Yes! This is actually a religion, followed in some parts of the world. It’s not only for scientists or people who are somewhat affiliated to Science. Anyone could be a part of this religion. Once you’re a part of this religion, you’re promoted onto higher levels of initiation and moreover, the teachings that has led to these levels of initiation are kept secret from the new members, they have to earn it. In the higher OT levels, there are some next level teachings, like how to reverse any past-life trauma and many more.
This religion is somewhat similar to Islam and Christianity. The followers of this religion believe that there is one supreme power who’s managing everything in this world. They are actually inspired by the Hollywood movie, ‘Star wars’ and they think that humans have an immense super power within them. They think that humans can adopt any shape or any form and that they have super potential of doing anything within them. The followers of this religion do not follow rules and regulations and they don’t even impose rules on other followers

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